How to create a new customer in iProd Cloud

A step-by-step guide on how to create a new customer

Click on  from "Contacts" menu, input relevant data and press “Save” (only company name is mandatory)  

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When the country of registration and the VAT number of the company are entered, the system retrieves data from the European database and automatically populates all other relevant information fields


Enter multiple companies together by importing them from a list. Click on 'Import Companies'

Upon clicking 'Import Companies', a pop-up window will appear with an Excel file.

The fields marked with (*) are mandatory, and it's essential to adhere to the specified format. We suggest preparing a spreadsheet externally, using a simple editor with columns separated by either ';' or TAB. Then, paste the data onto the grid by positioning yourself and pressing CTRL+V.
If the pasted text does not match this structure, the system will attempt to adjust the input accordingly. 
The 'Check Entered Data' button below ensures that the mandatory fields and expected format are sufficiently accurate. 

The 'Import' button inserts the list from the spreadsheet sequentially.