iProd IoT Engine - Setup

iProd IoT Engine - First installation and setup

iProd IoT Engine is a solution distributed via docker, therefore it requires specific technical skills for its installation

In order to use iProd IoT Engine, you need to first
- Registered with iProd, from  https://app.iprod.it and have credentials with administrator rights
- Have installed, licensed and properly configured the Alleantia software for which you can find appropriate documentation here www.alleantia.com and here kb.alleantia.com

At this point from a suitable shell you can run this command to install

$ docker run --name iprodiotengine -d -v {YOUR_HOST_SYSTEM_PATH}:/app -p 90:80 iproductivity/iprodiotengine:{TAG}

Where to replace {YOUR_HOST_SYSTEM_PATH} with your local path e

{TAG} with the desired docker version/tag. If not indicated automatically, the latest available will be used

Connecting to http://{your_host_ip}:90   (Replace {your_host_ip} with the ip of the host hosting the docker)

You will be shown the login page.
Once logged in, iProd IoT Engine is immediately functional

If it is necessary to modify the standard communication settings, from the appropriate "configuration" button it is possible to modify the communication parameters with Alleantia

To complete the installation it is necessary to set up in the Alleantia configuration, an MQTT connector that publishes the telemetry data in the MQTT broker present in the iProd IoT Engine docker, at port 1433