iProd Cloud Version 3.92.0

The new Cloud version of iProd introduces important improvements and fixes

New Features / Improvements:
Telemetry/Recepits Now is possible to delay time execution for each command, and is also possible to select a telemetry variable for check the machine avaiability for receive new recepits
Marketplace Now the marketplace is public, and everyone can reach without login 
Marketplace Catalogs iProd now allow, to import and publish items creating them starting from iProd Catalogs and then assing to them discounts and shipping conditions
Tag Search Now is possibile to search by TAG in marketplace and also in Product List
Items Additional Properties For each Items, now is possible to define custom properties
Planning Gantt Now tasks are linked, by bom sequencies
List grid view In the list views, number or records was wrong
Contact Title and Documents In documents, now concact title and complete name ar correctly visualized
Sales Order Sales Orders will be not automatically close at their workorders completition, but is the user that have to to this. This is for make more easy doing activities like shipping