iProd Cloud Version 3.87.5

The new Cloud version of iProd introduces important improvements and fixes

New Features / Improvements:
Automatic Production Declaration Even from the tablet, if a production phase is closed, iProd now verifies that there is a corresponding declared qty, otherwise it suggests and possibly automatically creates one
Last Modification Management In the documents the information is now saved in addition to the original author, of who made the last modification
Shopping Cart Management  When the cart is closed, it is now possible to empty the cart at the end of the check-out
Access to product details from the Tablet  Now it is possible to view the details of a product directly from the Tablet
Export document list to Excel  Now it is possible to export all the information, visible on the screen, in the export to excel
Already in the cart  In the views where the available qtys are shown, and there is the possibility to proceed to the placing in the cart, the qty already present in the trolleys are now also shown
Export Exploded List view to Excel  It is now possible to export the multi-level view of the list to Excel, keeping the hierarchical view
Outgoing phase  It is now possible to modify the "Outgoing phase" in a list
Currency  It is now possible to associate a Currency for each Tenant
Reply To / Sender  In all emails sent by iProd, the sender user's email is now automatically set as a reference for the reply (Reply), and the name of the sender and company is shown
Decimal Error  In some cases the production declarations did not handle decimals correctly
Document Author  The user who opened the document was always displayed and saved by mistake
Tag display error  Any tags that are too long in articles are now correctly limited in the view
Product card display error  Their height is now fixed
Incoming Goods Warehouse  In the Goods Incoming document, in some cases the destination warehouse was not selectable
List view  The possibility of selecting hidden system columns was erroneously proposed
Notifications  Notifications (Via iProd Event, Email or Public Post) have been restored for managed events
List of Products with BOMs  It is now called "New list of products with phases"
Linking Products  It is no longer possible to "link" a product, now it must always be duplicated by cloning